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Born and raised in Buenos Aires in 1964, Cukier chooses colors and shades that reveal a yearning for a less superficial, less deceptive reality. The forms, dimensions and colors give shape to dreams and nightmares, and even allude to a notion of hope. Humor is used to reflect fears, habits and desires that most of us deny and suppress deep within.​

The dictionary defines surrealism, as a style of art and literature, stressing the subconscious or non-rational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects and unexpected juxtapositions.​
Ruben Cukier , surrealist painter, born and raised in politically violent Buenos Aires, is a member of an illustrious roster of artists who's vivid imagination and fantasy informed their art-making.​
Visual artists from Salvador Dali, Fernando Botero, Dorothea Tanning and writers such as Jose Saramago, Carlos Fuentes, and Franz Kafka, to name a very few, have mined the rich subconscious for imagery.

unexpected juxtapositions that, at first, are baffling and thought-provoking but when considered more closely, produce a frisson of recognition. The recognition of dreams, fears or thoughts that we ourselves may have experienced at one time or another. That is why, I feel, his paintings are so appealing. Ruben Cukier's paintings depict images and ideas that are, not only pleasing and visually stunning, but also somehow universal and timeless.

Lydia Schrufer, BFA.       Arts Editor : Arts & Opinion mag.






International Art Exhibition of Surrealism Now 2019


Marinha Grande, Portugal






Elysium Gallery - UK


Gallery less than a thousand - Tel Aviv - Israel




•Argentina – Buenos Aires - “Amores y Pasiones” Artistas de Arte del Mundo en La Manzana de las luces.​ 


•Argentina – Buenos Aires - “Mixturas, El Arte, Las Colectividades y sus Artistas” – Centro Cultural



•USA - “Miami Beach Sister Cities International Art Exhibition” Miami Beach Art Deco Welcome Center


Gallery – Florida.

•Argentina – Muestra Itinerante "Abuso, Trata y Tráfico=Conciencia + Libertad"


•Argentina – Buenos Aires – Galeria Alicia Brandy - Concurso Pintura Figurativa.








•Israel - Jerusalem - "Tree of Knowledge" - Hadassah Art Gallery.


•Argentina Buenos Aires - Visual Arts Exhibition “Arte del mundo” in the 1st International Congress ANUA


- "200 Years Later." ADOLESCENTS AND YOUTH - 1 to November 8, 2010.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires – “Artroad” - CONVENTION CENTER "LE DOME, Sofitel CARDALES




•Germany - Berlin - Abnormal Gallery.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires – "Southern Lights" at the Bicentennial in the Brazilian Studies Center




•Argentina - Buenos Aires – "Southern Lights at the Bicentennial" in stock market Of Buenos


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•Argentina - Entre Ríos -“Arte del Mundo” in the Sun Hotel & Casino Victoria.

•Israel - Haifa - Group exhibition - Castra Cultural Center

•Italy  - Naples – Group exhibition "ventiperventi".


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - Arteclásica 2009.


•Germany – Berlin - Abnormals Gallery – 05.12.2009 to 13.01.2010.








•Argentina - Buenos Aires - Group exhibition at Galeria de las Naciones


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - "Art and Emerging Artists" Espacio Ponce Boscarino.

•Israel - Haifa - Autumn Salon - Congress Center.

•Argentina - Buenos Aires - Arteclasica 2008.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - "Values and Principles of Art" exhibition the Senate of Argentina.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - Collective exhibition at Gallery Büchler Sanzi.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - "Art and Emerging Artists' Atelier Ponce Boscarino.









•Israel –Jerusalem - Group exhibition - Yellow Submarine gallery.

•Argentina - Buenos Aires - Art exhibition in the Senate of Argentina.

•Israel - Caesarea - Group exhibition – “Nights of Caesarea”.


•Israel – Haifa - Group exhibition -International Convention Center in Haifa.








•Germany - Berlin- gallery Twenty-four.


•Argentina - Buenos Aires - First prize in the category Digital Art in the Cultural Center exhibit​
"La grieta".








Argentina - Buenos Aires - Gallery Espacio 10.


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